Command Line Reference

The Whois library provides a command-line tool to run WHOIS queries. The tool is called ruby-whois and it's immediately available when the library is installed via RubyGems. Otherwise, the script is available in the bin source folder.


whois [options] object


--help Help.

-v, --version Release version.


To run a WHOIS query, just invoke ruby-whois passing the domain/ip as first argument.

$ ruby-whois

* Please note that the following result could be a subgroup of      *
* the data contained in the database.                               *
*                                                                   *
* Additional information can be visualized at:                      *
*                         *

Status:             ACTIVE
Created:            1999-12-10 00:00:00
Last Update:        2008-11-27 16:47:22
Expire Date:        2009-11-27

Use the --help option to print the full help message including all options supported by the command line tool.